In the Brow Mapping workshop, you will learn how to professionally design and shape brows through mastering mapping guidelines.

You will learn to not only shape brows using your clients face shape, but we will also use plant-based to tint and define brows. You will learn to properly prepare the brows for treatment as well as the application techniques to achieve optimal eyebrow applications.

Learn to avoid any mishaps or disasters.


Mission Statement: We are Dedicated to our student’s success. When you choose Spa Creations Academy, you know that you are choosing the highest quality training catered to your needs.


Our curriculum has been proven through the results of our students' success time and again. Classes taught by Araneetae Guy- Global & Board Certified instructor.


This class includes:

  •  Step-by-Step Instructions (Live Webinar or Face to Face options)
  • Test
  • Brow Mapping Kit with rulers and string
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ongoing Customer Support 


Once you complete our Brow Mapping Class, you may enroll in our other Brow courses and be well on your way to the world of Microblading.



      • Theory & Practical Learning of Brow Design 
      • Mapping Guidelines
      • Shaping
      • Tweezing
      • Sparse Brows Outlining
      • Contraindications
      • Color Selection
      • Health and Hygiene
      • Test
      • After Care
      • Q & A



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