You've been hiding The Butters 😮



When you work in the beauty industry, especially one focused on skincare, the first thing you notice about someone is there skin. Also, you become in tune with conversations about skincare.


A few days ago while waiting on my plane returning home from meeting with distributors for Anneka's Butter Skincare, I sat down to eat at the breakfast bar. While eating, the couple to my right was deep in conversation about men and women issues.


Intense convo:


WIFE: Men don't have to worry about ash because you have hair on your legs to cover it. I slather on cream all day and I'm still ashy (she's applying some lotion on her legs)


HUSBAND: Now that's just gross 


ME: (Burst out laughing) I lookup to see their entire family staring at me in horror because they didn't realize I was sitting there and I say "Here, try this" (Hand her a jar of Anneka's Butter


WIFE: OMG!!! You've got the butter!!! Honey, this is the butter I was telling you (Husband) about. It smells good. Janie needs this for her skin/


HUSBAND: Reaches over and grabs the jar from his wife and smells and says "This smells good"


ME: You can have it. Just let me know how your skin feels after using it and share the butter. 



As she's rubbing it in, her family begins to grab the jar, smell, and rub it in. She looks at me and says thank you. I tell her to keep it, I'm the founder I'm glad this jar can help end the ash convo.



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October 31, 2018

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