Skin Tips

June 14, 2018


🚨 Coconut oil 🥥 and black soap can leave residue and debris on your skin like this

✨It’s Skin-tip Time and it’s essential to get a clinical facial regularly to maintain healthy skin

✨The dark grey residue was what came off of a clients face after one GlowUp treatment 😮 

🚨Build up on the face can consist of dirt, dead skin cells, hair, bacteria, makeup, products,etc

•This matter can cause blockages, breakouts & damage to healthy skin

•Regular facial care is essential to care for your skin properly 

•You can maintain your healthy skin at home with the proper products 

•Consistent facials can improve your overall skincare 
🚫We offer No cookie cutter treatments at Spa Creations Day Spa because everyone has different skincare issues

✅Every service yields great results
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