The Golden Beauty Flower 🌹

 👋🏽 Hey there Sweet Beauties 

We are continuing our
SkinFit Challenge: 30 Days to Reset your skin 🙌🏽

📌This week we will give tips focused on Clarifying and will detoxify areas of skin congestion and purging buildup

Starting with DIY Toners, their purposes, & how they can benefit you ✨


So let’s start with the Golden Flower, the Rose 🌹 and the magical effects it has on the skin

Rosewater dates back to early Egypt, when Cleopatra used this natural product in her skincare regimen.
Well if Cleopatra used it, then what are you waiting for 🤷🏽‍♀️


I know you have those leftover petals from Valentine’s Day so let’s see what you can do with them before tossing them into the trash 🛑

🌹Rosewater can control excess oil production by balancing the pH of the skin
🌹Rosewater has a beautiful built in anti-inflammatory which can help calm irritated skin, including acne, redness, and dermatitis.
🌹Rosewater has awesome antibacterial effects that are great for cuts and healing scar wounds
🌹 Rose water is a great mood enhancer because of it’s lovely and aromatic fragrance
🌹The big bonus is that because of its antibacterial nature, it’s amazing at calming scalp irritation and DANDRUFF 🙌🏽



There are many benefits so ✋ don’t toss those petals just yet, try this recipe for a quick pick me up Tonic for skin & hair: 


Rosewater Toner Recipes:

• 1 -2 Spray bottles

• 2 glass mason jars

• Funnel 

• Strainer 


Dried Petals
•1 1/2 cup hot Distilled Water 
•1/4 cup Rose petals
*Optional * substitute other flowers of your choice, and make sure you have no allergies and what their properties are before using 


Fresh petals 

•1 1/2 cup hot Distilled Water
•2 roses (approximately 2 cups Rose petals)

*Optional: 1 tsp Vodka as a preservative  



  1. Place petals inside jar


  2. Pour Distilled water onto petals

  3. Cap & sit for at least 15 minutes 

  4. Put strainer over 2nd jar

  5. Pour the 1st jar ingredients over strainer into 2nd jar

  6. Seal jar and store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week

  7. Use as needed by pouring into 1 ounce spray bottles and spritz on face after cleansing for a deep cleansing 

  8. Discard the used petals or for a bonus, use them in your bath for a nice soak with bath salts 🛀 




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