Women's History Month

March 26, 2018

Girl Power to change the world!


My Why:

I'm just a girl who decided to go for it...I founded ABS| Anneka's Butter Skincare because I got so tired of dealing with a Skincare issue, that God had given me a solution. I was exhausted with seeing my child scratch & those turn into wounds that I'd seen turn into scars on adults. I was just crazy enough to say "I had enough and I will no longer allow her to go through this."


What I did:

When I took the leap of faith, God blessed my hands &
Anneka's Butter Skincare was born.

To my discovery, over 35 million Americans suffer Eczema.


Here's our story...








We hope this month you have inspired, empowered, or encouraged a young girl or fellow woman.


~Sweet AIR, Anneka's Butter, Spa Creations


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